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The ALEX AND ANI Liberty Copper Collection is Here!

September 21, 2016

Jewelry By Designs is excited to announce that we now have the ALEX AND ANI Liberty Copper Collection in store this Friday, September 23rd!

What is the significance of this? WELL this one-of-a-kind design features the original copper that was preserved from the 1986 centennial restoration of the Statue of Liberty. Yes – The STATUE OF LIBERTY.

This iconic landmark has given hope and welcomed millions of optimistic immigrants into New York Harbor for almost 100 years.  During the restoration of Lady Liberty the iron bones and original copper supports from within the monument were replaced. This was to ensure that she will shine on and inspire millions more in the future. Her copper was stored in a warehouse facility for many years. ALEX AND ANI has given this copper a new purpose.

Just like the Statue of Liberty thrusting her torch in the air and never looking back; those who wear the Liberty Copper Collection can illuminate their lives and bring hope to others.

We ask you to #CARRYLIGHT with you wherever you go with the new, unique Liberty Copper Collection created by ALEX AND ANI.