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Why Chose a CGA Appraiser?

At Jewelry By Designs, we are long standing members of the American Gem Society (AGS). Members of AGS must meet the highest standards of service in the jewelry industry. A Certified Gemologist Appraiser (CGA) is the most highly regarded title in the industry.  Jewelry appraisals can be quite complex and it is important to have the most highly trained and experienced appraisers create your report.

Insurance Appraisals

Many people think that their jewelry is covered against loss, theft and damage under their home owners insurance.  Most insurance companies require a separate rider when your jewelry collection exceeds a certain value (often $1500).  In order to qualify your items, you will need an insurance appraisal for each item you would like insured.  This document provides a new replacement cost that your insurance company will use if you file a claim.  Jewelers Mutual is another option that offers low premiums and a hassle free claim process.

Appraisal Price List

Gold Jewelry

  • Plain Gold- $85
  • Charms with Gemstones add- $20

Diamond Jewelry

  • 0.01ctw-0.99ctw- $85
  • 1.00ctw-2.99ctw- $140
  • 3.00ctw-4.99ctw- $200
  • 5.00ctw and up- $250
  • Add for each diamond shape- $20

Colored Stone Jewelry

  • Single Gemstone w/o Diamonds- $75
  • Single Gemstone w/Diamond Accents- $95
  • Clusters, Studs 1ct or More- $115
  • Add for each different shape and color- $20
Pearl Necklace & Bracelets

  • Single Strand- $100
  • Add for each multi strand- $20
  • Clasps with gemstones- add colored stone or diamond price

Everything Else

  • Watches- $100 and up
  • Stone ID- $20 and up
  • Loose Stones- $65
  • Antique Jewelry- By Estimate
  • Diamond Plot- $25


  • Items Under $800

    $35 each, minimum of $70

  • Same Day- $25

    While You Wait- $50

  • Appraisal Reprint- $25

    Complex Research- $90





10% Discount for 3 or More Items Appraised Together.


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