A Dazzling Decision:

Choosing the Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

The diamond is the star attraction of the engagement ring. Here in the Woodbridge area, couples typically choose a center stone that’s one carat in size. Princess, round and cushion cuts are among the most popular shape: you’ll want to select a stone that works well with the setting you like. After that’s done, there’s one more dazzling decision to make: do you prefer a lab grown or traditionally mined diamond?

Pure Grown Diamonds: What You Need To Know

Scientists have perfected the process of creating diamonds in the laboratory. There are several reasons they’ve spent so many years learning how to do this: mining diamonds is difficult, dangerous work, and if companies aren’t exceptionally careful, bad for the environment. The results are exceptionally beautiful: Pure Grown Diamonds are genuine diamonds, with all the brilliant shine and sparkle you want in your wedding jewelry.

People often ask us if anyone will know the diamond in their ring is a lab grown diamond. We can tell you with 100% confidence that the answer to that question is “No”. Lab grown diamonds are chemically identical to diamonds that are mined out of the Earth. No one can tell the two types of diamonds apart with the naked eye or even jeweler’s loupe. Pure Grown Diamonds are cut, polished and set in the same way traditionally mined diamonds are. They’re extremely durable, which is important, because you’ll be wearing your wedding jewelry for a very long time.

Every couple has a budget. Pure Grown Diamonds are not cheap – no diamonds are! – but they are more affordable than traditionally mined diamonds. That means your diamond-buying dollar goes further: if you’d like to have a larger center stone or a setting that features many sizable diamonds, choosing Pure Grown Diamonds is a smart way to make that happen.

Traditional Beauty: Hearts On Fire – The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond

Our goal is to give our customers the fullest range of diamond options. That’s why we sell traditionally mined diamonds as well as lab grown stones. That being said, we don’t sell just any diamond. There are diamond companies who have gone above and beyond to ensure that their traditionally mined diamonds are responsibly sourced. This means steps have been taken to ensure miners have safer working conditions, the environment is protected, and the stones are conflict-free.

Hearts On Fire wedding jewelry features the world’s most perfectly cut diamond. These diamonds are all traditionally mined stones, cut to their best advantage by Hearts On Fire’s exceptionally skilled team. The settings are the epitome of classic romance, with enough dramatic flair and shine to celebrate your unique love story. Jewelry by Design features the region’s widest selection of Hearts On Fire wedding jewelry. If you’ve been searching for a truly exceptional engagement ring, come in and check our showcases. You’re sure to be delighted by what you find!