What is a Le Vian Chocolate Diamond?

A Le Vian Chocolate Diamond is a natural diamond that has been hand selected to have a rich brown or golden color. To be a Le Vian Chocolate, the diamond must also meet the high standards of clarity and cut that make Le Vian chocolate diamonds so beautiful. Le Vian trademarked the term “Chocolate Diamonds” so consumers could be certain that when they are purchasing a chocolate diamond, they are receiving chocolate diamonds of the highest quality standard set by the Le Vian family.

How Does a Chocolate Diamond Form?

Like all diamonds, Chocolate Diamonds are formed deep within the earth’s mantle about 90 miles below the earth’s surface. Temperatures in the diamond formation and stability zones are often more than 2000 degrees! Diamonds formed in these areas are delivered to the surface with deep source volcanic eruptions. When a chocolate diamond forms, the crystal lattice is distorted and changes the way that light passes through the diamond. This results in the different shades of chocolate color that we see.

There are varying grades of brown diamonds. Le Vian offers nude diamonds in a C-1 through C-3, and their famous Chocolate Diamonds beginning at C-4 through C-7. The above chart is helpful if you are looking for a particular shade of diamond for an engagement ring, studs or a necklace. We are even able to order the diamonds loose, so you can create your own design.

Are Chocolate Diamonds Rare?

Le Vian chocolate diamonds are some of the rarest natural fancy colored diamonds. Remember, even though shades of brown may be common, a Le Vian chocolate diamond is special because of its rich hue and brilliance. Most Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds are mined in the Argyle Mine in Australia. The Argyle mine produces some of the world’s most beautiful natural colored diamonds and has provided a steady supply of high quality diamonds.

After years of mining, high quality diamonds can become rarer and more difficult to find. Once it becomes too expensive to continue, the mine is closed. If that is the main source for a particular type of diamond, prices can rise dramatically. The Argyle mine is set to close in the very near future.

More than Chocolate Diamonds

Le Vian is so much more than Chocolate Diamonds. They have some of the most amazing gemstones in the world! From Blueberry Tanzanites, Raspberry Rhodolites all the way up to Neon Blue Paraiba Tourmaline, Le Vian has the most amazingly brilliant gemstone collection. On April 28th, you can meet with a Le Vian Designer and view the collection. Sign up for an appointment as our VIP, and you will receive special pricing and a FREE Le Vian Chocolate Quartz as our gift to you. You can even enter for a chance to win a Le Vian Neapolitan and Chocolate Diamond necklace. We are looking forward to showing off this amazing collection.