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Jewelry By Designs designs custom jewelry in northern virginia

Creating Custom Jewelry in Northern Virginia

Creating one-of-a-kind jewelry at Jewelry by Designs is an easy and exciting process! We have a team of expert jewelers, gemologists, and designers ready to assist you. We will work together to collaborate on your special piece, using our 4-step approach to bring your ideas to life.

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Pieces of Jewelry That Can Be Custom Designed

  • Engagement rings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Loose Diamonds

Custom Designed Engagement Rings

One of the most memorable moments in your life is your engagement day. When you work with Jewelry by Designs to create a custom engagement ring, you will be working with a team of jewelers who will assist you to bring your story to life.

We would love the opportunity to assist you in making your engagement day as special as they are.

Jewelry By Designs designs custom engagement rings in northern virginia

Our Custom Jewelry Design Process

At Jewelry by Designs, we simplify the custom design process into four easy steps. First, we start with a one-on-one consultation where we meet you and hear your ideas. Secondly, sketches and CAD renders of design ideas are created and, once approved, a 3D wax model of your jewelry is made. Thirdly, the specially designed piece of jewelry is cast. Finally, your unique creation comes to life and is ready for that special someone–including yourself!

One on One Consultation

At Jewelry by Designs, an essential step in the design process is understanding precisely how you envision your custom piece of jewelry’s final look. You will have the opportunity to sit down with one of our qualified designers to bring your ideas into the design. By taking the time to look at actual pieces of jewelry, photos, and sketches, you and the designer will collaborate to come up with a design you love. Throughout this consultation, the designer will communicate and discuss stone quality, precious metals, comfort, and other options.

You Approve Your Custom Jewelry Design

After the sketch is complete, we will create computer-aided design (CAD) drawings and provide a photo-realistic image. We will alter the rendering until it meets your expectations because we want your custom-made jewelry to be perfect. If your jewelry has a center stone we are providing, you will choose your favorite from a few options.

Creating a Custom Jewelry 3D Wax Model

Once you have approved the sketches, we will generate a three-dimensional wax model. The wax model is an exceptionally detailed preview of the final product. At this point in the custom design journey, we want to ensure that the final product is what you envisioned.

Casting Your Custom-Designed Jewelry

Our team takes great care with the entire process of bringing out the shine, texture, and other components as they create the metal version of your customized piece. By using extreme care to ensure quality, our master gem-setters skillfully set each stone by hand. To ensure that we have produced a design that will exceed your expectations, we will meticulously examine your jewelry and perform a quality control inspection before presenting the final product to you.

Your Finished Custom Jewelry

When you design your jewelry with Jewelry by Designs you will receive a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind piece of heirloom jewelry that future generations will enjoy. When you partner with us, you are involved with the design from start to finish to affirm you are pleased with the final product. To that end, we appreciate your honest opinion and assessment throughout the custom jewelry design process.

Advantages of Custom Jewelry

When you design a one-of-a-kind custom jewelry piece, you are crafting something that will last generations for your family. You will work with a designer who will tailor your ideas and dreams into a beautifully made piece of art that tells your story and is forever connected to you. Here are a few occasions to celebrate with personally designed jewelry, a milestone anniversary, an engagement, an achievement, or “just because”.

What to Take Into Consideration When Designing a Custom Piece

Jewelry By Designs designed by you jewelry in northern virginia

Your Style

Part of the process of creating custom one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry is to define your style. Do you like classic and timeless, trendy and contemporary, or do you prefer retro? Maybe you like the look of estate and vintage jewelry with an updated twist. Don’t worry if you’re not sure; we can help you find your style!

Current Trends

As you think about your style, you can also consider the current trends in jewelry. Do you want to layer in your custom piece with other pieces in your jewelry collection? Do you envision it to be a stand-alone piece that will make a bold statement? Thinking about current trends when it comes to jewelry may add inspiration to your design.

The Metal Type

There are many options for what type of metal you will choose for your custom jewelry. You cannot go wrong with whatever you choose. However, you will want to consider the person for whom you are designing the piece. Do they tend to lean toward gold, silver, rose gold, or platinum? Would they want to go outside of their comfort zone and try a new metal?

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Jewelry

How Much Does Custom Jewelry Cost?

The gemstones, metals, and intricacy of the design are all factors in determining cost. Whether creating a fantastic engagement ring, updating grandma’s diamonds, or designing a family heirloom, we will create a custom quote for you.

How Long Does It Take to Make Custom Jewelry?

The timeframe for custom jewelry such as an engagement ring can range from six to twelve weeks. Some things to consider about the timeframe are how complex your design is and how many custom orders are ahead of yours. From the consultation, it can take one to three weeks for the CAD and rendering. The wax mold will take one to two weeks and two to three weeks for your custom engagement ring to be complete. Throughout each step of the process, we will work to ensure your approval and satisfaction. When working on a customized engagement ring we like to factor in the big date! If you have that date already chosen, please let us know, and we will try our best to speed up the process.

Can You Copy Jewelry?

There are two answers to this question. Yes and no. No, we cannot produce a specific replica of a Tiffany & Co ring that your significant other fell in love with last month. Yes, we can copy universal styles like a three-stone ring where the center stone is more significant and flanked by additional stones on either side. When you meet with one of our designers, they can look at designer rings with you and come up with a new look that tells your story.

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