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Jewelry Rental FAQs

Jewelry Rental FAQs

Jewelry Rental: Frequently Asked Questions


What conditions are the items in?

Items are in new or like new condition.

What happens if the jewelry is damaged?

Normal wear consistent with high quality jewelry worn at a formal event is already assumed. However, unusual wear, damage, or foreign substances will give us the right to charge your credit card account for the cost of repair or cleaning or up to 50% of the full Retail Value attributable to that item of jewelry. The amount to be charged is left to our sole discretion based on our assessment of the damage.

Do I need to clean it before or after?

No, we will inspect and clean every piece of jewelry before a pickup. While in your possession, we expect you to handle the jewelry with the utmost care.

Is it real jewelry?


Can I alter the jewelry to make it fit?

No damaging alterations can be made. Jewelry must be returned in the condition it was in.

What if it doesn’t fit how I want it to?
A 15% restocking fee applied, but you may choose another piece if available and will be charged for difference in price.


What if the necklace gets tangled?

You are charged for return condition.

Pickup and shipping

Do I have to pick it up in person?

Yes, with receipt and driver’s license.

How do I pick up my order from the store?

Bring receipt and driver’s license to store the day of the event.

When will I get the jewelry?

Jewelry can be picked up the day of the event during store hours as early as 10am.

Can I return it to the store?

Yes, we encourage returns in store.

How do I send it back to the store?

We advise jewelry to be returned at our store. If unable to deliver in person, jewelry must be repackaged in its NCJ jewelry box and placed into the corresponding packer box. Each box must be placed and sealed in the prepaid and pre-addressed shipping package included in the initial shipment. Then present as overnight shipment to any USPS office or store.

What if I lost some of the return packaging?

We recommend returning items in store.

What if my rental ends on a Sunday or holiday?

Postmarked date may not fall after due date, we recommend mailing it before the holiday or Sunday or return in store.

What if my item doesn’t fit in the pre-paid return packaging?

We recommend dropping off in store. If this is not an option, contact us.

Payment and fees

Do you put a hold on my cc for the full amount?

No, you are charged the full rental cost or 10% of retail cost upon reservation.

When am I billed?

Total rental price will be charged at the time you place a reservation.

What if it is returned late?

Late fees will be charged to your credit card account in addition to all other applicable fees.
One (1) Day Late – 20% of the rental fee for that item will be added to the total fees.
Two (2) to Seven (7) Days Late – 100% of the rental fee for that item will be added to the total fees.
Eight (8) to Fourteen (14) Days Late – 200% of the rental fee for that item will be added to the total fees.
Over Fourteen (14) Days Late – Liquidated Damages apply.

Do I pay shipping?

No, we prepay the shipping charges and insurance with the cost being reflected in the rental charges. We do advise returning directly to the store.

Can I pay a monthly fee and get a new rental each month?

Not at this time.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payments are accepted as online which are Discover, American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. No cash or checks are accepted for rented jewelry.

Why is 25% not refundable?

This covers overhead fees.

Can I use my gift card?


What if I lose the jewelry?

You will have to pay full retail price of item.

Do I get a multi-rental discount?


How does an item on sale work?

Rental cost is on the regular retail price. Sales prices are not part of rentals.

What happens if I love it so much I decide to buy it? Is the rental prorated?

Yes, anything paid will go toward the purchase.


How long do I get to keep the jewelry?

Jewelry needs to be returned by the fourth day from your pick up date. Drop it off in store or have it postmarked the third day after the event. If event is on the 5th, it needs to be returned or postmarked by the 8th.

What’s the difference between reserve and rent?

Reserve is for the item to be put aside for purchase or rent.

What if the piece I want is reserved for the dates I want?

We advise you to reserve as far ahead as possible to ensure the best selection of jewelry.

Why rent vs. buy?

Why spent hundreds on jewelry to only wear once? Pay a fraction of the cost for your first choice of jewelry.

How does renting jewelry work?

To rent an item from our website you click on the rent now on the product page. Then you must agree to the terms, checkout, and keep the receipt. The day of the event you will pick up the item(s) in our store with your receipt and driver’s license.

What if I have allergies?

We are not responsible for allergic reactions. Contact us for detailed information about a certain piece if you have allergies.

Do you run a credit check?

Investigative consumer reports may be obtained when placing a rental order.

What if I want to rent it for more than one day?

Rentals are due in store or postmarked the third day after the event. If the event is on the 5th, it needs to be returned in store or postmarked by the 8th.

When should I make a reservation?

As soon as you are able to, we recommend placing a reservation to ensure the item is available when requested.

How do I keep track of the styles I like?

You can add items to a wishlist online.

How do I know what is available to rent?

Any of our jewelry online is available for rent excluding rings. The product pages will have a rent option.

Is it insured?


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