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Jewelry By Designs Jeweler’s first-rate jewelry repair services cover just about any kind of jewelry repair you can imagine. Our jewelry repair service includes ring resizing and watch repairs whether the jewelry was purchased at Jewelry By Designs or at another store.

Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Repair Store

As a jewelry store and jewelry repair store with decades of experience in providing outstanding customer service, Jewelry By Designs and its team of experts take the absolute best care in restoring and repairing your precious jewelry pieces. Our highly trained and experienced goldsmiths, silversmiths and watchmakers, including our full-time on-site bench jeweler, can tackle just about any task.

Whether you have a broken chain or a piece was damaged during a garbage-disposal disaster, Jewelry By Designs’s specialists will make your jewelry look as good as it did the day it was purchased. If your piece is damaged beyond the talents of our jewelry repair experts, we will encourage you to meet with our designer, Jaci Schleigh, to recycle your parts in the creation of a new treasure.

All Jewelry By Designs jewelry repairs come with a one-year warranty to ensure your satisfaction with our work.

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Jewelry By Designs offers a wide range of trusted jewelry repair services. Schedule an appointment to bring your jewelry in store to receive your free estimate.

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Jewelry Repair Services

Jewelry By Designs proudly offers a wide range of jewelry repair services. Our jewelry repair store is equipped to serve as a one-stop jewelry repair shop for all your needs, from restoring antiques to setting stones.

The following alphabetical list provides an overview of our repair services:

  • Antique restoration
  • Antique restoration
  • Bail and pendant repair and replacement
  • Bangle bracelet repair
  • Certified Hearts on Fire repair center
  • Channel repair
  • Check and tighten stones and refinish
  • Clasp for pearls
  • Clasp replacement
  • Complete refinishing
  • Cuff link
  • Diamond and gemstone recutting
  • Earring conversions
  • Earring mountings
  • Enameling
  • Engraving
  • Finishes
  • Gluing
  • Heads, bezels and sets repair and replacement
  • Hinges
  • Jump rings finished and soldered
  • Mechanical movement overhaul
  • Mystery clasps
  • Polishing stones
  • Quartz movement overhaul
  • Removing (lifting) stones
  • Repair and replace stems and crowns
  • Replace quartz movements
  • Replacement and polishing of watch dials
  • Rhodium plating
  • Ring head repair
  • Ring shank repair and replacement
  • Ring sizing
  • Safety chains
  • Sam Marcos bracelet repair
  • Separator bars
  • Setting stones
  • Sizing assistants (round beads, speed bumps, temporary ring guards)
  • Soldering and laser welding
  • Soldering rings together
  • Tennis bracelet repair
  • Tie tac back
  • Tip and prong repair
  • Tongues for tennis bracelets
  • Twisted wire for pearls
  • Watch and clock repair
  • Watch band replacement
  • Watch batteries
  • Watch link removal
  • Ring Sizing
  • And More

Jewelry By Designs’s jewelry repair services are individualized for each jewelry piece brought to us for repairs or restoration work. Thanks to our free estimate service, we’re happy to provide you with the cost expectation up front before our work begins on your piece.

Ring resizing is popular among Jewelry By Designs’s jewelry repair services. To ensure your ring is safe for you to wear and to ensure the longevity of your ring, it’s critical to be certain your ring fits your finger correctly.

At Jewelry By Designs, we utilize a laser in resizing rings. Lasers create stronger joints and do not show a seam, unlike solders, which create weak joints and seam lines.

Because multiple factors are involved in ring resizing—from band thickness and type of metal to the number of stones—we are not able to offer a ring resizing starting price without first inspecting your ring.

We can assure you that Jewelry By Designs’s ring resizing costs are guided by standard industry pricing.

Jewelry By Designs’s watch repair services, including watch battery replacement, is another cornerstone to our store’s jewelry repair services.

When it comes to watches, Jewelry By Designs has you covered. We replace watch batteries and watch bands. Please note that we cannot reseal water-resistant watches in our store but can still provide this service to you by having pressure testing completed out of house.

Yes, at Jewelry By Designs, we also remove watch links. We happily provide watch band sizing and other watch services such as the replacement and polishing of dials as well as the repair and replacement of stems and crowns.

If you’re searching for “jewelry repair northern Virginia,” look no further than Jewelry By Designs. Jewelry By Designs offers the best jewelry repair in northern Virginia. We’ve taken pride in being the most-preferred jewelry repair service in the northern Virginia area.

Located in Woodbridge, Virginia, and a short drive away from northern Virginia, Jewelry By Designs has earned a sterling reputation since its founding many decades ago. Our customers value Jewelry By Designs for not only showcasing a dazzling selection of sought-after jewelry and personalized customer service, but they are grateful for the high-quality workmanship of our jewelry repair staff members.

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