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Jewelry Spa Club

Are you searching for a professional jewelry cleaner to restore the beauty of your beloved jewelry pieces? Look no further than Jewelry By Designs’ Jewelry Spa Club! Also known as our jewelry cleaning membership, our Jewelry Spa Club offers professional jewelry cleaning services for your precious treasures as well as tremendous savings.

Professional jewelry cleaning and inspections every six months can aid in extending the life and value of your jewelry pieces. Additionally, regular jewelry cleanings can save you from costly repairs such as missing gemstones or scratched surfaces.

Our professional jewelry cleaner polishes your jewelry to bring back its original shine. We also inspect jewelry for any necessary repairs to avoid damage or loss. What’s more? Our Jewelry Spa Club offers incredible savings and discounts on all your jewelry cleanings. Contact us today to give your favorite jewelry items the love and care they deserve.

Professional Jewelry Cleaning Membership

Jewelry By Designs’ professional jewelry cleaning services provides outstanding discounts for multiple jewelry spa treatments. Our Jewelry Spa Club membership is only $25 to join and renewable each year for $10.

Along with your Jewelry Spa Club membership, you will get the following discounts:

  • 50 percent off all professional jewelry cleaners.
  • 50 percent off all spa treatments for every jewelry piece you own.

Our team of professional jewelry cleaner experts will diligently work to restore the original beauty of your treasured jewelry pieces. Moreover, Jewelry By Designs uses special tools to properly inspect and clean jewelry items, allowing us to identify any potential damages to your jewelry.

Although it is possible to clean and inspect jewelry at home, no cleaning solution quite matches a professional jewelry cleaning. Our professional jewelry cleaning services remove dirt and debris from hard-to-reach spots as well as examine your jewelry for damaged stones.

We provide jewelry cleaner for all your items, ranging from engagement rings to beloved pendants. In cases where the jewelry has slight or major damages, we will work with you to completely repair and restore the item.

Jewelry should be professionally cleaned and examined every six months to keep them in top shape. By joining our Jewelry Spa Club, you can increase the quality of your treasures while also enjoying tremendous savings on all your jewelry spa cleanings.

Get More Information

Are you ready to join our Jewelry Spa Club to save up to 50 percent off on jewelry cleaner and spa treatments? Enter your information below or give us a call at 703–952–7551to request a spa club membership.

If you want to expand the lifespan and value of your jewelry, a jewelry spa treatment is the perfect place to begin! At Jewelry By Designs, we utilize high-quality equipment to inspect jewelry and identify any issues invisible to the naked eye. Additionally, our professional jewelry cleaner services provide spa treatment on jewelry to remove dirt from places difficult to reach.

Our Jewelry Spa Club ensures your jewelry receives the care it needs to retain its shine. Contact us today if you’re interested in joining our Jewelry By Designs’ Spa Club for unbelievable discounts and professional jewelry cleanings.