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Jewelry Restringing

Pearl and bead restringing are absolutely vital to extend the life of jewelry. As time goes on, the thread of the necklace can become weak and brittle and is likely to fray and break.

Unfortunately, this is unavoidable with pearl and beaded necklaces, but restringing is a great way to maintain your jewelry and get the most out of it.

We offer jewelry restringing starting at $4.00 per inch.

Why Jewelry Restringing Is Important

With proper care and maintenance, pearl jewelry restringing can be a great way to extend the life of your jewelry in a cost-efficient way. Restringing ensures that you can wear your jewelry over and over without the fear of it breaking and losing pearls or beads. Even if stored correctly, threads can still weaken, so regular care and necklace restringing will keep your jewelry looking and feeling brand new.

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How Restringing Jewelry Works

To restring your necklace, we’ll gather up all the materials needed and inspect if any parts of the necklace, such as the clasp, will need to be replaced. Our jewelry restringing service will look at any knots in the thread, whether the thread itself needs replacing or can be used as is, and the length of the necklace. If you have any reference pictures that can help determine length and bead or pearl placement, that is also helpful so that we can restring as accurately as possible.

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A few things to keep in mind during jewelry restringing:

A knotted item will come back shorter after restringing.

Over time, the knots and thread that holds your item together will stretch, so it’ll appear longer. However, after necklace restringing or bracelet restringing, the item will return to its original length. Before restringing, please make sure your receipt includes an accurate count of pearls or beads so you can double-check after.

An unknotted item that needs to be knotted will come back longer.

When knots are added to an item, it increases the distance between the beads or pearls. Before restringing, please discuss your ideal length and what you are looking for to ensure that your bracelet or necklace is not too large and fits just right.

When you replace a clasp, the entire piece will need to be restrung.

Because the clasp needs to be removed and a new one needs to be fitted, the piece will need to be restrung to accommodate this change.

If you have a multi-strand piece, get all strands restrung at the same time.

Doing so ensures that all of your beads and pearls are on the same kind of thread, and you will not have to deal with different layers breaking over time. Even if only one layer needs restringing, getting all layers done at the same time will be more convenient over time.

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