Estate Diamond and Trillion Citrine Pendant



This Estate Diamond and Trillion Citrine pendant features a custom designed halo of diamonds around a fiery citrine center stone, by renowned designer Mark Gronlund.

Mark Gronlund is a self taught artist and lapidary, with equal parts knowledge and creativity. Mark quickly made his mark in the industry by winning the “Cutting Edge” portion of the 1996 AGTA Spectrum Awards, winning a total of three awards his first year. Today he is consistently working on new techniques and innovative cuts.

His gems have a depth you don’t normally see.  Mark has indicated he always cuts his gemstones for brilliance rather than to save weight.  A Gronlund gem typically has uniform, pure color and uncharacteristic brilliance. His concave faceting, particularly in the gem’s pavilion, increases reflection and refraction because light waves reflect off of convex surfaces internally.  He also places curved facets along the crown and table of some gems for even stronger brilliance and color.

Once you see a Mark Gronlund creation, you will never look at gems the same way again. His pieces have earned world-wide acclaim and are highly sought after by collectors and jewelry buffs alike.

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Estate Diamond and Trillion Citrine Pendant

  • 19 Karat White Gold
  • 8.96 ct Custom Cut Trillion Madeira Citrine 14mm
  • 58 shared prong set round diamonds
  • 25 Tapered baguette diamonds
  • Diamond total weight 1.50 ctw
  • Matching G/H Color and VS clarity
  • 25″ adjustable chain 14 karat white gold with lobster clasp
  • Created by Custom designer Mark Gronlund

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