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Ring Sizing Process

Need a ring resized?  Stop in for one of our expert intake specialist to help you chose the right size for your ring.  During your visit, we will check your ring for any problem areas and offer solutions.  When sizing most rings, the jeweler will cut the back of the ring and then solder or laser weld it closed.  If you are increasing your ring size, we will add a piece of metal that matches the width and thickness.

Additional Services

When you are sizing a ring that has gemstones and diamonds in it, you must tighten the stones.  Sizing up or down can shift your stones causing them to fall out of the setting.  This is especially true of diamonds set down the sides of your ring in a shared prong setting.  Stone tightening is a highly recommended service that we offer with sizing. Opting out of this service will void any warranty that we provide.

You will be amazed at how bright and shiny your ring is when you pick it up after sizing.  When we complete sizing, we professionally polish the ring removing small scratches which  makes it look almost new!  White gold has a plating on it called Rhodium (a member of the platinum family).  This is a naturally white metal that helps your ring have a bright white appearance.  When we size your white gold ring, after polishing we will eletroplate your ring with rhodium to keep it looking bright.

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  • *Prices Range From:


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*Pricing varies based on if you are going up or down in size, the width and thickness of your ring, and the number of gemstones in your ring. Normal turnaround time is about a week, priority and rush service is available for an extra fee. Please stop by for a free estimate or fill out the form below to talk to a specialist.



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