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Is your favorite watch somewhere other than on your wrist? If so, this is the perfect opportunity to stop by and find out what it needs in the way of repairs. Our friendly, experienced staff welcomes the opportunity to provide you with a free consultation and discuss your options.

We can make it easy for you to have all your watch repair work done in one location. This means no more hours spent in traffic as you drive from store to store for repairs. Our full-time watchmaker is fully qualified to do battery replacements and all the repairs you need. Trained in Switzerland and with a certificate from a watchmaker school in Argentina, this expert staff member has 25 years of experience.

We’ll tell you whether it’s better for us to fix the watch or send it to the manufacturer for repair. When you come in for a battery replacement, we’ll clean your watch’s interior. We also waterproof and dust.

Watch Repair Services

Because we know that customers are attached to their favorite watches, we always use the same movement from the manufacturer when repairs are necessary. Quartz units, which are tiny, require replacement with the same brand. We also clean, oil, buff and adjust the timing of automatic watches.
For watches needing tune-ups, we offer two options. For the basic service, we remove the movement and replace the battery. We also replace and lubricate the watch back gasket and clean the exterior case and bracelet. Our deluxe tune-up is a full service for mechanical watches. It involves overhauling the movement, replacing parts as necessary, resealing water-resistant cases and performing a special cleaning and lubrication of the parts. We also polish and clean bracelet watch bands.
However, if a watch is a counterfeit, we might not be able to work on it. We never overhaul a counterfeit watch and limit our services to minor repairs.
While a six-month warranty is common, ours is a full two years. Let our watchmaker explain what it will take to put your favorite watch back on your wrist. Since your time is valuable, why fight the traffic if you don't have to?
Make an appointment to fix your watch today! Call (703) 457-9379 or email us.

We specialize in quartz/battery watches and offer these services:

  • Battery replacement
  • Reattaching watch bands
  • Adjusting watch bracelets
  • Watch overhauls
  • Movement replacement
  • Basic watch tune-up
  • Deluxe tune-up


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