Sonora Malachite Toggle Necklace by Samuel B


Green is Good

Malachite is a mineral that is based on copper carbonate. The green color comes from the copper oxidizing due to the mineral forming close to the surface of the Earth. The oxygen in the air reacts with the copper–just like the Statue of Liberty!

Positive Vibes

From the Royal Bali Collection by Samuel B., this elegant Sonora necklace is a fun and playful statement piece. It is hand crafted by skilled Bali artisans, so each piece is slightly different than the next. Malachite is known for keeping negative energy away.

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Sonora Malachite Toggle Necklace by Samuel B

  • Sterling Silver
  • 1 15mm cushion cabochon malachite
  • Tassel design
  • Double strand with toggle
  • Samuel B donates 10 meals to Feeding America with every purchase

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