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If you’re in search of a world-class custom jewelry design center or custom jewelry in Northern Virginia, you’ve come to the right place! Jewelry By Designs excels in turning our clients’ visions into reality with our highly reputed jewelry design services.

Jewelry Design Center

At Jewelry By Designs—recognized as a leading jewelry design center and store in Woodbridge, Virginia, we can help bring your dream piece to life.

Creating your own unique jewelry piece is truly easier than you might imagine. Jewelry By Designs’ talented team of gemologists, designers and expert jewelers will work with you in crafting a spectacular, eye-dazzling piece that meets your desired style and budget.

Jewelry By Designs’ 4-Step Jewelry Design Process

Jewelry By Designs takes great care to ensure your custom jewelry design and piece lives up to your wish for it. Know that whether you have a crystal-clear vision or only a rough idea, our team will do our best to produce a pleasing, heart-stirring jewelry design and piece through our easy four-step custom jewelry design process.

1. One-on-One Consultation

During our one-on-one consultation, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to sit down with one of Jewelry By Designs’ designers to collaborate and discuss all possibilities for your special piece. We’ll look over photos, sketches and actual jewelry pieces. From here, we can produce a sketch and guide you on stone quality, precious metals, comfort and wear.

At Jewelry By Designs, it’s key for us to create a custom jewelry piece that meets your expectations, and our consultation is the perfect time to understand exactly what you want.

2. Custom Jewelry Design Approval

During our custom jewelry design approval process, the Jewelry By Designs team will create computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, rendering them as images with all the realism of photos. Our goal is for your custom-made jewelry design and actual piece to be perfect, so we will fine-tune our rendering until it satisfies you. If we will provide a center stone for your piece, we will also have you choose your favorite store from several options.

3. Custom Jewelry 3D Wax Model

Once you have approved our sketches, we’ll produce a 3D wax model of your custom jewelry design. This model serves as a highly accurate preview of the final jewelry piece. At this stage of the custom jewelry design process, we want to ensure our rendering translates into your dream jewelry piece.

4. Casting and Finishing Your Custom-Made Jewelry

Lastly, the Jewelry By Designs team will carefully bring out the shine, texture and details in crafting the actual metal version of your jewelry design. Our expert gemsetters set each stone by hand using the utmost care to ensure quality. Before showing you the completed piece, we carry out a careful examination to ensure that every step of the process has yielded a jewelry design that will thrill you!

Your Finished Jewelry Design Product

When all work is completed, you will receive a beautiful, one-of-a-kind heirloom-quality jewelry piece that you and future generations will surely enjoy and treasure!

When you work with Jewelry By Designs on a custom jewelry design product, we will keep you involved throughout our four-step process. We want to be sure you are delighted with your finished product. We welcome your opinions and critiques throughout our custom jewelry design process.

Other Jewelry By Designs Services

Jewelry By Designs is more than a jewelry design center. This jewelry store in Woodbridge, Virginia, is known and trusted among residents in our community and surrounding areas.

We offer a wide range of jewelry services. We offer routine inspections and cleaning along with repair and watch maintenance services. We also offer pearl and bead restringing, engraving, appraisals, ring sizing and gold buying services as well as custom designed jewelry.

Jewelry By Designs became a Nelson Coleman Jewelers company in April 2020. Nelson Coleman Jewelers has offered high-quality jewelry services for more than 160 years across six generations and operates the ninth-oldest jewelry store, located in Towson, Maryland, in the United States.

Customers value Jewelry By Designs for our jewelry design and other services, premier selection of stunning and sought-after jewelry, and personalized customer service.

Jewelry By Designs is a leader when it comes to producing first-rate custom jewelry in Virginia. Throughout Woodbridge, Virginia, and the commonwealth as well as throughout nearby Potomac, Maryland, our store has earned a reputation for delivering to clients exceptionally crafted jewelry pieces.

Let us show you how easy our jewelry design process can be when you schedule an appointment!

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