Pop Charms Necklaces by Ania Haie – Multiple Styles Available



The Foundation For Fun

You’re only one necklace away from a world of exciting and playful possibilities. From the Pop Charms Collection by Ania Haie, these chain necklaces were specifically designed to complement the charms from the same collection, making you the master of your fashion destiny. Or something like that.

Easy Come, Easy Go

With styles without a connector ring, simply slide one or more charms onto the end of your chain. For styles with a connector ring, gently open the ring and slide one or more charms onto it. Wear these necklaces solo, with a single charm, or stacked with multiple charms for all the self-expression you can handle.

Gentle On Your Skin

Ania Haie jewelry always starts with a 925 sterling silver foundation free from common irritants like brass and nickel. From there, the jewelry is either plated with luxe rhodium (silver tone) or decadent 14 karat yellow gold (gold tone). Spend more time customizing your Pop Charms style and less time worrying about skin irritation.

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Charms sold separately

Contact us with any questions about this collection or to help you find the perfect charms for your new necklace.

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Necklaces from the Pop Charms Collection by Ania Haie

***Charms Sold Separately***

Metal Information:

  • MetalVaries by style
    • Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating (silver tone)
    • Sterling Silver with 14 Karat Yellow Gold Plating (gold tone)


  • LengthVaries by style
    • Range: 15.70″ – 18.90″
  • ExtensionVaries by style
    • Some necklaces have a 2″ extension chain
  • Total WeightVaries by style
    • Range: 1.60 grams – 17.90 grams
  • Connector Ring Diameter (if applicable)
    • Round: 0.43″ or 0.50″
    • Oblong: 0.65×0.55″ (Stud & Paperclip Chain Connector Necklace Only)

How To Add Charms:

  • No Connector Ring: Simply slide on a charm
  • With Connector Ring: Open connector ring and slide charm onto it

Designer Info:

  • Designer: Ania Haie
  • Collection: Pop Charms
  • Inspiration: Iconic pop art era

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N048-04H, N048-05H, N048-01G, N048-02G, N048-05G

Additional information

Necklace Style

Mini Link Chain Necklace (Gold-Plated), Mini Link Chain Necklace (Sterling Silver), Mini Link Chain Connector Necklace (Gold-Plated), Mini-Link Chain Connector Necklace (Sterling Silver), Paperclip Link Chain Necklace (Gold-Plated), Paperclip Link Chain Connector Necklace (Gold-Plated), Paperclip Link Chain Connector Necklace (Sterling Silver), Mixed Link Chain Connector Necklace (Gold-Plated), Mixed Link Chain Connector Necklace (Sterling Silver), Stud & Paperclip Chain Connector Necklace (Gold-Plated), Rainbow Connector Chain Necklace (Gold-Plated)

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