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Ring Sizing Services

At Jewelry By Designs, we offer ring sizing services to suit your unique needs. Whether a ring is too large or too small for you, we can help you in sizing it correctly so you can enjoy your ring for years to come.

There are many different reasons why you might want your ring sized. If too loose, there is the risk of damage or that it may fall off. Too tight, and you’re likely unable to wear it for too long. We know your jewelry is special to you, and by sizing your ring correctly, you can wear it without any discomfort or issues.

We offer ring sizing services for rings bought from us, as well as rings bought from elsewhere.

Resize Your Ring Today

If you are looking to get your ring resized today, please get in touch! We offer fast and convenient ring resizing services so that you can start wearing your ring today!

We offer consultations free of charge, so book in a time that is most convenient for you, or come by our store to learn more about how we can resize your ring. Complete the form below or call us at (703) 952-7551 to book your appointment today.

Ring Resizing Process

At Jewelry By Designs, our ring resizing services use a laser resizing process. Traditional services use a torch. However, when using a torch, solder is used to join the edges together, which can create a weak joint in the ring. This often leaves a “seam” that remains visible and becomes starker when the shine of a ring wears off. This is especially more prominent in white gold and platinum. Laser resizing avoids this seam, as it uses the same metal as the ring to size.

This creates an overall strong joint that will not have a visible seam. It’s far more efficient and is incredibly beneficial since there will be no visible trace of your ring being resized, even over time.

How Much is Ring Resizing?

When looking at how much a ring resizing might cost, there are several factors that come into play. When we inspect your ring for resizing, our pricing will be based on:

  • The millimeter thickness of the band
  • What type of metal it is made from
  • The number of stones used
  • How many sizes it needs to go up or down
  • Whether the resizing will be completed by torch or laser

Because there are a variety of factors involved, we cannot quote a price without first inspecting the ring. However, our repairs are priced according to industry standards and we remain competitive.

Ring Sizing Limitations

When it comes to ring resizing, we do have some limitations, unfortunately. Correctly sizing a ring will involve removing or adding metal to the bottom of the shank.

To maintain the integrity of the ring and prevent any damage, our recommendation would be to not size a ring up or down more than 3 sizes.

Ring Resizing in Northern Virginia

If you’re looking for fast and professional ring resizing services in Northern Virginia, Jewelry By Designs is here to help you! We have a wealth of experience in ring resizing, and we’d be more than happy to help you.

Get in touch today for a consultation, or come by our store for an inspection and we’ll provide a quote for our ring resizing service.

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