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In 2021 we donated


through the Chris Coleman Enrichment Program

The Chris Coleman Enrichment Program

Enriching the lives of every individual in our community is our mission. We love our Northern Virginia community, and the people that make it unique. We hope that through The Chris Coleman Enrichment Program, we can spread that love as far as possible. In the program’s first 3 years, we donated over $111,000 to national and community organizations. 

Full Transparency

Unlike other corporate donation programs, you decide where your donations goes. It can be your neighborhood little league team, the rescue where you found your best friend, a local food bank, or an environmental group you love. What’s closest to your heart is where your donation will go. We make our donations once a quarter. After making your donation, we send you a participation certificate so you know we made your donation. 

Donations Over Discounts

Like other retailers, we are asked to discount our prices. We believe in setting fair and ethical prices from the start, which is why we will never mark-up our prices to allow for discounts. By not using this “negotiable” pricing model, we can give back to our community. By choosing donating over discounting, you are changing the lives of people around you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We donate up to 10% of full-priced purchases to an organization or charity of your choice. Jewelry By Designs writes the check, but you pick the recipient. 

Any full-priced purchases are eligible; this includes in-store and online purchases.

When you check-our, you let us know what organization or charity you’d like to support. It’s that easy.

The Enrichment Program cannot be substituted with a discount. Our mission is to pay it forward to our community. In a world where everyone gives a discount, we give hope. 

Yes! You will continue to collect the standard 5% of the retail purchase to use towards a future purchase. 

Because the Rewards Points give you a discount on the item’s retail price, purchases made using Reward Points are not eligible for the Enrichment Program.

We do not make donations to political campaigns or organizations. 

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