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We're leaving for Antwerp September 6, 2022

When you think of Belgium, what comes to mind? Chocolate, waffles, and beer are all great answers. But for us at Jewelry By Designs, we think of diamonds. Nestled 25 miles north of Brussels is Antwerp, Belgium – the diamond capital of the world. Antwerp is where 50 – 80% of the world’s diamonds are cut and traded, and this is where we shop for diamonds.

Diamonds and Antwerp

There is an excellent reason we travel the 3,873 miles from Woodbridge, VA, to Antwerp. When it comes to diamonds, both mined and lab grown, we only want the best for our customers. $16 billion in polished diamonds pass through the streets of Hoveniersstraat each year.

As you can imagine, it’s not easy to gain access to the diamond vaults of Antwerp. It takes quite a bit more than asking nicely and paying an entry fee. Very few retail jewelers will ever have the honor of surrendering their passport, being allowed behind the bulletproof walls, and being locked in a vault with armed guards standing watch. 

This level of access allows us to see diamonds before they hit the market. Our diamond buyer sorts through thousands of diamonds, searching for the best of the best. The diamonds that have an indescribable quality that can’t be found on a diamond report. She’s searching for the diamonds that transform light into fire and take your breath away every single day.

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Matching loose diamonds

The Best Diamonds – No Extra Cost

Having the most beautiful diamond in the room doesn’t mean it must be the most expensive. That’s why we shop for diamonds in Antwerp. We’re able to find stunning loose diamonds at the most competitive prices. While in Antwerp, we purchase diamonds for all of our stores and personally shop for our customers. There’s no additional cost to our customers for this service.

Diamonds in Antwerp

Your Personal Diamond Shopper

We travel to Antwerp twice a year to shop for diamonds. While we’re there, we are your personal diamond shopper. You tell us what you’re looking for with shape, size, and performance, and we get to work —sorting through hundreds of diamonds that meet your standards in search of the one that shines brightest. We take pictures and videos and send them to you when we find the best diamonds. That night, we’ll chat over facetime or zoom and tell you everything about these diamonds while you pick your favorite. Then we bring it home to you. 

buying loose diamonds in antwerp

What to do with Loose Diamonds?

There’s almost no limit to what diamonds we can find for you in Antwerp. Whether it’s matching diamonds for a pair of studs, the perfect graduating diamonds for a wedding band, or the magnificent center stone for an engagement ring, we’ll find it in Antwerp.

Once you have your Antwerp diamonds, you pick out your perfect mounting, and our expert goldsmith takes care of the rest. Before you know it, you have a stunning, made-for-you piece of jewelry.

The Antwerp Experience

Only Jewelry By Designs in Northern VA has direct connections and access to the best diamonds in Antwerp. Our diamond buyer shops for you and finds the best diamonds that match your wants and needs. You get a personal diamond shopper in the Diamond Capital of the World without having to leave your home; who else can say that? The best part, there’s no extra cost for this service. Contact us today and take advantage of the Antwerp Experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Antwerp is known as the Diamond Capital of the World. After a diamond is mined and determined to be gem quality, it can travel to three places for cutting and trading – India, China, or Antwerp. India and China are comparatively new to diamond cutting and trading. The diamond trade as we know it was created in Antwerp, and that is where it remains the strongest. 50 – 80% of the diamonds mined in the world will pass through Antwerp. Either for cutting or to be sold in the world’s major diamond markets. After a diamond is cut, the diamond dealers determine which market is best suited for that diamond. Going directly to Antwerp allows us to have the first pick of the diamonds available. We can examine and purchase them before they go to different parts of the world. This enables us to pick out diamonds that might not be available in the North American market.

Having direct access to Antwerp diamond dealers is rare for a retail jeweler. It is available through specific industry buying groups, but few jewelers have direct access. Our history, longevity, reputation, and level of professionalism have allowed us to build and develop strong and trusting relationships with these diamond dealers. Even when we’re not in Antwerp, we constantly work with these diamond dealers. They know our standards and preferences, and these relationships allow us to have beautiful diamonds sent at any time. Going to Antwerp directly allows us to have the first pick in the industry. We get to see these diamonds fresh off the cutting wheel before they’ve passed from dealer to dealer.

Antwerp is also home to beautiful baroque architecture, delicious chocolates, tasty waffles, and our diamond buyer’s favorite beer. Antwerp is the best place to buy diamonds as far as gemstones are concerned. While colored stones are available in Antwerp, it isn’t close to the same quantity as diamonds. We occasionally travel to Sri Lanka to shop at their gem markets for sapphires. We also work directly with gem cutters who travel worldwide, sourcing the most beautiful uncut stones and purchasing them directly from independent miners.

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