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Professional Jewelry Cleaning Services

If you want your jewelry to last forever, taking care of it is a must. With proper maintenance at regular intervals, you can ensure that your jewelry maintains its sparkle and keeps shining bright. Professional jewelry cleaning and inspection every six months is the best way to keep your jewelry in pristine condition.

At Jewelry by Designs, we offer professional jewelry cleaning services in Northern Virginia, and we’re dedicated to helping you keep your piece’s original shine, make any repairs as needed, and extend the life and value of each piece wherever we can.

Do You Need Professional Jewelry Cleaning?

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Our Jewelry Cleaning Services

Our team of professionals offers fast and diligent jewelry cleaning services ranging from inspection to repair. We have a variety of services available based on cost and needs, and we’re happy to work with you to clean and repair your jewelry in the best way possible.

We know how unique each piece is, and our focus is on using our special tools and experience for jewelry cleaning to prevent and repair damage as much as possible.

Basic Professional Jewelry Cleanings

We offer our customers free basic professional jewelry cleanings for up to five items that encompass both cleaning and inspection. Each additional item will incur a $5 fee. However, this can be waived if the jewelry is left with us or if repairs are required. We also offer while-you-wait services that keep your jewelry safe without taking up too much time.

When choosing our basic free jewelry cleaning service, our expert jewelry cleaner will first do a preliminary inspection of stones and settings under magnification. This allows them to see each gem and ensure there is no visible damage. They will then hand-check each gem for tightness and to prevent any loose stones from falling out.

Once this inspection is complete, the jewelry will be cleaned ultrasonically for maximum gentleness and thoroughness. If necessary, Our jewelry cleaner will also use a soft brush for cleaning. Once this is complete, any debris will be steamed out, and the jewelry will dry.

Our basic free jewelry cleaning service is simple, quick, and practical without compromising on quality.

Spa Treatment Jewelry Cleanings

If your jewelry cleaning needs are a bit more extensive than what the basic free service offers, the Spa Treatment option may be suitable for you. This our intermediate professional jewelry cleaning service designed to extend the lifetime and value of each piece brought in.

A basic professional jewelry cleaning is not enough to bring back the jewelry’s shine for some items. Our Spa Treatment is an intermediate jewelry cleaning and inspection service that gives jewelry a polished and pristine look. In addition to extending the lifetime and value of your jewelry, our jewelry Spa Treatment ensures the stones are in place and secure to prevent loss.

A Spa Treatment jewelry cleaning includes the following steps:

  • Examining and inspections stones and setting under magnification
  • Using a high-speed buff to polish rings and bring shine
  • Cleaning the jewelry ultrasonically and using a soft brush where needed
  • Adding a Rhodium finish to white gold items
  • Steaming out debris and drying out jewelry.

Costs for Spa Treatment jewelry cleaning services vary, but prices start at $10 for yellow gold, $20 for platinum, and $50 for white gold.

Signature Service Jewelry Cleanings

The Signature Service Jewelry Cleanings are perfect for those looking for something more deluxe and a service that can professionally clean and protect high-value jewelry. More of an upscale experience compared to the basic free and Spa Treatment, the Signature Service is better suited for those with multiple, high-value pieces.

The first step of the Signature Service Jewelry Cleanings is to do an initial inspection of stones and settings under magnification. The pieces are then hand-checked for tightness and any loose stones. If any stones come out during cleaning, our jewelry cleaner will reset them with no additional fees.

Our expert jewelry cleaner will round out rings, refinish to remove scratches, and use a high-speed buff for ring polishing. Once this is complete, the jewelry is cleaned ultrasonically, and dirt is steamed out to dry the jewelry. If any white gold items are being cleaned, a Rhodium finish is undertaken.

Pricing for the Signature Service Jewelry Cleaning starts at $40 for yellow gold, $60 for platinum, and $75 for white gold.

Your Jewelry Cleaner in Northern Virginia

If you are looking for a way to take care of your jewelry, extend its use and life, and ensure that all your pieces retain their shine and prestige, get in touch with us. Jewelry by Designs is an excellent choice for getting your jewelry cleaned or repaired in northern Virginia.

We offer fast, cost-effective, and highly professional jewelry cleaning services to help you protect your pieces and get as much use out of them as possible. We can identity and repair jewelry issues efficiently with minimal wait and make the jewelry cleaning and inspection process easy and straightforward! Get in touch with us today to learn more about our professional jewelry cleaning services.

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