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Professional Jewelry Inspections

Are you looking for professional jewelry inspections for your precious gems? Here, at Jewelry By Designs, we understand how important it is to inspect jewelry regularly. Many times, people don’t think about having their jewelry professionally inspected until it’s too late. Because replacing a lost gemstone can be costly, we perform free jewelry inspections and cleanings.

To prevent jewelry from becoming damaged, we recommend that you have your jewelry inspected every six months. This is especially true for jewelry that is worn often, such as engagement or wedding rings.

Ready to have a free jewelry inspection or cleaning at Jewelry By Designs? Contact us online or call us at (703) 580-8880 to schedule an appointment or drop-off date.


Interested in getting your jewelry professionally inspected or cleaned? Here at Jewelry By Designs, we offer free cleanings and inspections for jewelry of all types. If you have a jewelry piece that needs to be inspected or cleaned, you can contact us by filling out our contact form or calling us today at (703)580-8880. Your free jewelry inspection or cleaning is just a click away!

How to Do a Self-Inspection of Your Jewelry

Besides getting professional jewelry inspections twice a year, you may also examine your jewelry at home between visits. While many problems may not be identified without special tools, you may notice some signs that your jewelry is damaged. When examining your jewelry, you should look for loose or missing gemstones/diamonds, bent or missing prongs, uneven wear on chains, and damaged clasps. If you notice any damages or potential problems with your jewelry, you should schedule an appointment with a professional right away.

How to Clean Jewelry at Home

At least twice a year, it is important to have your jewelry cleaned by a professional. If you notice film or dirt on your jewelry between these visits, you may perform at-home jewelry cleanings with simple everyday items you most likely already have in your home.

We recommend using bleach-free, powdered laundry detergent and hot water for at-home jewelry cleaning. To begin the process, line a bowl with aluminum foil and fill it with hot water and a tablespoon of laundry detergent. Soak your jewelry for a minute in the solution, and then rinse it and lay it out to air dry.

Because some cleaning solutions may be damaging to certain jewelry material, Jewelry By Designs recommends using this low-impact cleaning solution. Keep in mind that at-home cleanings may not be enough for fully removing the film and dirt on your jewelry. This is why we advise customers to have professional jewelry cleanings at least twice a year.

Professional Jewelry Inspections with Loupe Magnifier

Although self-inspections and self-cleanings may prevent jewelry from becoming damaged between visits, you should never rely on them alone. It is extremely important to have a professional examine your jewelry at least twice a year. In addition to having a trained eye, professionals use special magnifying tools to identify issues that are invisible without them.

One tool that professionals use is the loupe magnifier, which allows jewelers to inspect pieces with ten times more clarity. Additionally, jewelers use a magnifying lamp that helps them identify potential problems with your jewelry. Because most issues cannot be seen with the naked eye, it is important to schedule an appointment with a professional every six months to prevent costly damages.

Ready to have us inspect your jewelry? At Jewelry By Designs, we not only perform a free professional jewelry inspection but a deep cleaning to maintain your jewelry’s shine. In addition to our free basic cleaning and inspection, we offer several inexpensive cleaning options for highly-valued jewelry.

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