Gabriel and Co

Stylized as Gabriel & Co., this fine jewelry company specializes in wedding and engagement jewelry, but they also create beautiful earrings, pendants, bracelets, and more.

Gabriel & Co Jewelry is Handcrafted with Love & Passion

Gabriel jewelry features some of the finest materials, craftsmanship, ethics, and design in the industry. For more than 30 years, Gabriel & Co. has established itself as a leader in jewelry design, creation, and manufacturing.

High Quality Materials

Specializing in wedding and engagement jewelry, Gabriel & Co. is especially keen on selecting diamonds of the highest quality to include in their designs. In all Gabriel and Company jewelry, designers use the finest metals and gemstones to create beautiful pieces for their customers.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

With a diverse array of cultural influences and unrivaled creative artistry, Gabriel & Co. jewelry features unique designs executed with craftsmanship that pays close attention to detail.

Sustainable and Ethical Values

Gabriel Co jewelry actively promotes and supports sustainable and ethical initiatives in an effort to better the jewelry industry and improve their environmental impact. Some of their initiatives include using:

  • Ethically-mined earth diamonds and gemstones
  • Fairly-sourced, conflict free materials
  • Recycled packaging

Fashion-Forward Designs and Artistry

Though they sell their products through a number of authorized retailers like Jewelry By Designs, Gabriel & Co New York is located in the heart of the Big Apple, drawing inspiration from the latest fashion trends and artistic movements. Gabriel & Co NY is guided by the culture of the bustling city with a creative model highlighting art, science, and service.

Fine, Handcrafted Pieces of Gabriel & Company Jewelry

If you are looking for Gabriel & Co engagement ring reviews or other customer feedback, you’ll be pleased to know that this company is dedicated to satisfying their customers; you’ll find a number of glowing reviews for all of their jewelry online.

Gabriel and Co Engagement Rings

Purchasing a Gabriel and Co engagement ring is a sure way to satisfy your beloved with a truly beautiful and unique piece of jewelry. Gabriel Co engagement rings are available in a number of setting styles, diamond cuts, metals, and more.

You are sure to find a Gabriel & Co engagement ring that suits the aesthetic and preferences of the fiancée-to-be.

Check out all of our available engagement rings here!

Gabriel and Co Wedding Bands

For a high-quality ring that symbolizes your love and reminds you of your vows, a Gabriel and Co wedding band will be a beautiful selection no matter what your style may be. They offer wedding bands for everyone, making it easy to find a complementary pair of the finest quality.

Gabriel & Co Necklaces

Necklaces from Gabriel and Co. make perfect gifts. Their designs range from simple and understated to bold and daring, so you can easily find pendants that appeal to your loved ones.

Gabriel & Co Earrings

With earrings from Gabriel and Co., you can class up any outfit with beautiful, finely-crafted jewelry. They offer virtually endless options for every customer.
Other Gabriel and Co Rings

Beyond wedding bands and engagement rings, Gabriel & Co. also creates stunning rings for everyday wear and special occasions. If you’re looking for Gabriel and Co ring reviews, you’ll find that customers enjoy these pieces just as much as they adore their engagement and wedding jewelry.

Gabriel and Co Sapphire Rings

This company offers a fine selection of sapphire rings, often paired with white gold or sterling silver to make the stunning blue stone pop. In addition to sapphire rings, Gabriel & Co also produces beautiful pieces with sapphire including drop earrings, pendants, and more.

Gabriel and Co Infinity Ring

This style of engagement and wedding rings features an intricate woven band to symbolize the power of your love.

Gabriel & Co Stackable Rings

Stackable rings from Gabriel & Co. make it easy for jewelry lovers to customize their look and mix up their style.

Is Gabriel and Co a Good Brand?

The high-quality materials, fine craftsmanship, ethical practices, and fantastic service of Gabriel & Co. makes their jewelry, as well as their brand, exceptional. Gabriel and Co quality standards remain consistently high across all of their designs, and because they uphold values of artistry, quality, and craftsmanship, you can trust that their pieces are always worthwhile investments.

Where to Buy Gabriel & Co Jewelry

At Jewelry By Designs, we carry a curated selection of Gabriel and Co jewelry in our Woodbridge, VA store. From elegant engagement rings and intricate pendants to huggie earrings and more, we’re happy to offer a number of stunning pieces from Gabriel & Co for our customers to consider. You can browse our offerings above or visit our store to see the pieces in person.

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