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Luxury materials, timeless designs, affordable prices. 

Obaku Watches

Obaku creates timeless watches inspired by minimalism and simplicity. With classic Danish design tradition and inspiration from Zen philosophy that focuses on the essential things in life. Obaku creates watches meant to enhance your life, not distract from it. 

Winner of Best Sustainable Watch Brand by Marie Claire

Obaku’s commitment to sustainability is one of the things we love most about this brand. They’re dedication to longevity, functionality, and sustainability shines in their products in ingenious ways, including using recycled saris to make some watch bands, and recycled coffee grounds to make the dials in their Kaffe collection. But their dedication doesn’t stop at design. 

Obaku achieved Obton’s CO2 neutral emblem for offsetting 786,160 kg or CO2 yearly through solar-plant investment. Their charitable program Watches for Life has helped organizations and people in need across the world. 

Affordable Luxury Watches

Obaku proves that luxury watches don’t have to come with a high price tag. Obaku has mastered the art of Danish design which focuses on high quality materials, function, and simplicity. This has allowed them to create timless and unique watches that are made to last a lifetime. 

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