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Jewelry By Designs is the trusted place to get a good return on your unwanted jewelry. We have 6 generations of experience, and we always make fair offers!

Where to Sell Your Gold Jewelry in Northern Virginia: Your Local Gold Buyers

A small collection of older gold jewelry to be sold to a jewelry store.
You don’t have to turn to a pawn shop to sell your old gold jewelry, gold coins, or other precious metals and stones. Jewelry By Designs is here to help you offload the jewelry, coins, and other valuables you no longer need. When you want to let go of unwanted items, you can trust our team to offer a fair price and give you and your belongings the respect you deserve.

Why Sell Gold Jewelry to Jewelry By Designs?

Jewelry By Designs has been buying gold and other metals and valuables from customers since 1856.
We strive to please our customers by providing fair purchases and extraordinary customer service. Whether you own bullion, jewelry, or other gold treasures, Jewelry By Designs makes selling gold an easy process.
Contrary to the practice of many gold and jewelry buyers, Jewelry By Designs sells gold directly to private clients and jewelry collectors. In doing so, we offer sellers like you the highest possible prices for your gold items.

Sell Your Gold: We Buy Gold and Diamonds in Northern Virginia

Despite the name, our cash for gold program is not limited to gold jewelry items! In addition to buying gold, we will buy silver, antique jewelry, designer jewelry, diamonds, watches, and coins and bullion. As a reputable gold buyer, we understand the value of your precious gold jewelry, and because of this, we will only melt gold items when it’s absolutely necessary.
What We Buy
Unlike most gold buyers, we will purchase a wide range of items, including precious metals (such as real gold, silver, titanium, and platinum), precious stones, gold bars, dental gold, coin collections, gold bullion, old jewelry (including engagement rings, bracelets, watches, earrings, and necklaces), and other gold items.
At Jewelry By Designs, we strive to be a reputable buyer of your precious items, whether you’re selling broken gold pieces or antique jewelry. We also offer consignment services for larger stones or higher value pieces. If you want to preserve any elements of the pieces you’re selling, we can help evaluate what you have, giving you the opportunity to retain sentimental or resale value. Our jewelers can help reimagine pieces or reset gemstones using old mountings and other items for sale or consignment to help pay for new features.
Interested in selling your gold pieces to Northern VA gold buyers? We buy gold (and a range of other valuables!), and we’re committed to making the process of selling gold jewelry as simple and easy as possible for you.

How to Sell Gold Jewelry, Gold Coins, and More: Our Gold Buy Process

A woman in an off-white dress cupping a handful of older gold jewelry.
At Jewelry By Designs, we value your time and strive to provide a secure, enjoyable experience to each of our customers. When we buy gold, we provide friendly customer service and thorough gold evaluations to ensure you get the best value for your treasured items.
We follow a simple three-step process for buying gold from customers.
  1. Bring your gold into our store, and we will sort through and classify the gold according to its type.
  2. In cases where the gold type is unknown, our staff will determine the gold type with an on-the-spot test. Once the gold type is determined, we’ll weigh your gold piece and make you a fair offer.
  3. If you accept our offer, you will receive payment after 15 days.
In addition to examining and buying gold, Jewelry By Designs will purchase other jewelry items, including diamonds, antique jewelry, silver, and more.
When you choose to get your collection assessed by our staff, you’ll also gain access to expert evaluations from certified professionals, which you won’t get if you just bring your items to a pawn shop.

Consignment Jewelry Services: Get More By Selling Your Valuable Pieces With Jewelry By Designs

For higher-value pieces, larger gemstones, and more, we also offer consignment services (especially for pieces with larger, more valuable stones), allowing you to use our store to sell your jewelry for top dollar rather than just the fair market price of materials.
If you’re looking to offload other jewelry, especially vintage or antique pieces, our estate jewelry team can help evaluate your collection based on the quality of the materials, the desirability of the pieces, and more.
Please contact us if you’re interested in estate or consignment jewelry services!

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