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Are you interested in selling your gold pieces to Virginia gold buyers? If yes, you have come to the right place. At Jewelry By Designs, we buy gold in the Woodbridge, VA area, offering same-day cash and a pleasant in-store experience.

As one of the oldest gold buyers in Northern Virginia, Jewelry By Designs has bought gold from individuals since 1856. We strive to please our customers by providing fast purchases and extraordinary customer service. Whether you own bullion jewelry or other gold treasures, Jewelry By Designs makes selling gold a quick and easy process.

Contrary to the practice of many gold and jewelry buyers, Jewelry By Designs sells gold directly to private clients and jewelry collectors. In doing so, we offer sellers like you the highest possible prices for your gold items. Furthermore, our speedy gold-buying process offers same-day money, a trait not all jewelry buyers possess.

In addition to buying gold, we buy silver, antique jewelry, designer jewelry, diamonds, watches and coins and bullion. As VA gold buyers, we understand the value of your precious gold jewelry and, hence, will melt gold items only when it’s absolutely necessary.

Interested in selling your gold pieces to Northern Virginia gold buyers? Learn more about our “We Buy Gold” process below!

VA Gold Buyers: Our Gold-Buying Process

At Jewelry By Designs, we highly value your time and strive to provide a secure, enjoyable experience to each one of our customers. When we buy gold in Northern Virginia, we deliver friendly customer service and quick gold evaluations to ensure you receive your cash within the same day.

As gold buyers in Northern Virginia, we follow a simple three-step process for buying gold from customers.

  1. Bring your gold inside our jewelry store, and we will sort through and classify the gold according to its type.
  2. In cases where the gold type is unknown, our GIA-certified gemologists will determine the gold type by running a quick on-the-spot test.
  3. Once the gold type is determined, we’ll weigh your gold piece and make you a fair offer. If you choose to accept the offer we provide, you will receive your money that same day.

In addition to examining and buying gold, Jewelry By Designs will purchase other jewelry items, including diamonds, antique jewelry, silver and more. Moreover, we provide knowledgeable evaluations of jewelry with our team of certified staff.

It Is Easy to Sell to Virginia Gold Buyers Jewelry By Designs

Are you considering selling your cherished gold treasures to gold buyers in Northern Virginia? Jewelry By Designs makes the process easy for you. We understand what a headache it can be to wait in a jewelry store all day for your gold to be examined. Even more frustrating is when you don’t receive your money within that day or even that same week.

That’s why at Jewelry By Designs, we believe that selling gold and other jewelry pieces shouldn’t be a lengthy process. By using our three-step method, we guarantee a fast in-store experience for our customers seeking to sell their beloved gold items.

Because we strive to assist our customers in a fast yet precise manner, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment. We accept appointments both online and by phone at 703–952–7551.

When you arrange an appointment with Jewelry By Designs, you can rest assured there is never any pressure to sell. Our team of professional gemologists will work with you to carefully inspect your gold jewelry and discuss the best options available. As VA gold buyers, there is never a fee or charge for our advice.

If you wish to sell your gold jewelry after discussing your possible options, we promise immediate payment for the price we offered for your gold. Moreover, we ensure that the entire gold-buying process is strictly confidential to our clients.

From bullion jewelry to gold accessories, Jewelry By Designs is your one-stop VA gold buyers. As soon as you arrive, we will promptly begin the process of examining your gold and discussing available options.

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Are you interested in selling your gold to gold buyers Woodbridge, VA? If you’re seeking “Gold buyers Northern Virginia,” you found it with Jewelry By Designs! We buy gold as well as other items from customers located near the Woodbridge, Virginia, area.

As the leader among gold buyers in Northern Virginia, Jewelry By Designs offers an array of jewelry services, including a “We Buy Gold” process. Whether you own gold coins or a precious gold jewel, we provide you with a fair offer based on the gold’s weight and type.

Ready to sell us your gold items? Fill out the form below, letting us know the type of item(s) you are interested in selling. You may also schedule an appointment with us by calling 703–952–7551 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you!

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