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When having your jewelry appraised for insurance purposes, it is important to make sure that you are getting an accurate and current value. Your insurance company needs to know how much it will cost to replace your jewelry in the event of loss, theft, or damage. The cost of jewelry appraisals is based on the amount of time it takes to examine, research, and accurately assign a value to your items. 

Jewelry Appraisal Cost

  • Gold Jewelry $75

    Gold jewelry with no gemstones or diamonds.

  • Diamond & Gemsone Jewelry

    Items with up to 1 type, shape, or size of stone $95
    Items with 2 different types, shapes, or sizes of stones $125
    Items with up to 3 different types, shapes, or sizes of stones $150
    Items with up to 4 types, shapes, or sizes of stones $175
    Items with up to 5 types, shapes, or sizes of stones $205
    Items with 6+ types, shapes, or sizes of stones As quoted

  • Signed Pieces $125+

    Pieces by certain brands, designers, trademarks, etc.

Collection Pricing

  • Collections of 5+ items $125/hour
  • Flatware $125/hour

    Place settings average 1 – 3 hours
    All items (up to 150 items) average 8 – 10 hours

  • Antique Jewelry & Antique Reproductions $175+
  • Charm Bracelets $265+
  • Pearl Strands

    Pearl Strands without graduated pearls $95
    Graduated Pearl Strands $115
    Pearl Strands with Gemstone Clasps $125+

  • Watches

    Watches without gemstones or diamonds $150
    Watches with diamonds or gemstones See Diamond & Gemstone Jewelry

Pricing as of 03/01/2022. Pricing is subject to change. All pricing listed is an estimate and may increase after individual items are reviewed. Third party validation and reporting is not included. 

estate diamond ring in yellow gold

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