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Jewelry Spa Club

You give yourself a spa day from time to time, but what about that jewelry you wear every day? A professional cleaning and inspection every six months will extend the lifetime and value of your jewelry, and ensure your stones are secure to prevent loss. Show some love to your favorite pieces of jewelry with a deep professional cleaning spa day.

Spa Treatment Jewelry Cleanings leave your jewelry looking polished and pristine while checking for any needed repairs. What’s the best part about getting your jewelry spruced up? Savings and discounts with our Jewelry Spa Club of course!

Professional Jewelry Cleaning Membership

One Jewelry Spa Club membership gives you discounts not only for one chosen piece but on all of your jewelry for their spa treatments. Jewelry Spa Club membership is $25 to join and renewable each year for only $10.

What you get with a Jewelry Spa Club membership:

  • 50% off all jewelry cleaner
  • 50% off all spa treatments for any item of jewelry you have


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