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What’s Your Style Today?

The Pop Charms Collection by Ania Haie was designed with you in mind. Take creative control of your style and express your individuality with any of these mix-and-match charms inspired by the iconic pop art era.

Just Connect and Go

Designed to be worn on a bracelet or necklace from the Pop Charms Collection or a chain that you already have, you’ll never get bored or feel tired of these eclectic and charming (pun intended) charms. Swap charms or stack them in a matter of minutes and then go about your day.

Quality You Can Trust

Ania Haie’s jewelry all starts with a foundation of 925 sterling silver free from common irritants such as nickel and brass. All pieces are then plated in either rhodium (silver-tone jewelry) or 14 karat yellow gold (gold-tone jewelry), creating a hypoallergenic experience for most wearers. Your skin says thank you.

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Ania Haie Necklace and Bracelet Charms Collection

Metal Information

  • Varies by style selection, possible options include:
    • Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating
    • Sterling Silver with 14 Karat Yellow Gold Plating
    • Two-Tone (Sterling Silver with Partial 14 Karat Yellow Gold-Plating)
    • Two-Tone (14 Karat Yellow Gold-Plating with Black Rhodium-Plating) Double Heart Charm Only

Stone/Accent Information

  • Varies by style, select an option for more details
  • Possible accents include:
    • Cubic Zirconia
    • Enamel
    • Lapis Lazuli
    • Lab-Grown Kyoto Opal
    • Nano Gemstones
    • Corundum
    • Malachite
    • Abalone
    • Pearl
    • Mother-Of-Pearl
    • Tourmaline
    • Labradorite
    • Black Agate


  • Charm SizeVaries by style. Select a charm option for more details.
  • Ring/Bail SizeVaries by style; will either be 5.5×3.5mm or 7x4mm
  • Charm WeightVaries by style. Select a charm option for more details.

Designer Info

  • Designer: Ania Haie
  • Collection: Pop Charms
  • Inspiration: Iconic pop art era

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Vendor Style #: NC048-29G, NC048-29H, NC048-30G, NC048-31G, NC048-31H, NC048-32G, NC048-32H, NC048-33G, NC048-34G, NC048-37G, NC048-38T, NC048-01G, NC048-02G, NC048-03G, NC048-05G, NC048-07T, NC048-09G, NC048-10G, NC048-10H, NC048-11G, NC048-13T, NC048-15G, NC048-16G, NC048-16H, NC048-16H, NC048-18H, NC048-19G, NC048-19H, NC048-23G, NC048-24G, NC048-24H, NC048-25G, NC048-25H, NC048-27G

Additional information

Choose Your Style

Wave Tag Charm (Gold-Plated), Star Charm (Two-Tone), Luxe Bar Charm (Gold-Plated), Celestial Sphere Charm (Two-Tone), Sparkle Oval Charm (Gold-Plated), Sparkle Oval Charm (Sterling Silver), Sparkle Star Charm (Gold-Plated), Sparkle Moon Charm (Gold-Plated), Sparkle Moon Charm (Sterling Silver), Sparkle Bar Charm (Gold-Plated), Sparkle Bar Charm (Sterling Silver), Sparkle Cross Charm (Gold-Plated), Sparkle Cross Charm (Sterling Silver), Lightning Charm (Gold-Plated), Lightning Charm (Sterling Silver), Heart Bar Charm (Gold-Plated), Sculpted Heart Charm (Gold-Plated), Double Heart Charm (Two-Tone), Mother-Of-Pearl Kite Charm (Gold-Plated), Mother-Of-Pearl Kite Charm (Sterling Silver), Lab-Grown Opal Sparkle Charm (Gold-Plated), Lab-Grown Opal Charm (Gold-Plated), Pearl Charm (Gold-Plated), Labradorite Charm (Gold-Plated), Abalone Charm (Gold-Plated), Wave Blue Sparkle Charm (Sterling Silver), Ombre Blue Charm (Sterling Silver), Ombre Pink Charm (Gold-Plated), Eclipse Charm (Gold-Plated), Eclipse Charm (Sterling Silver), Celestial Charm (Gold-Plated), Mother-Of-Pearl and Black Agate Tag Charm (Sterling Silver), Lapis and Malachite Tag Charm (Gold-Plated), Red and Green Tourmaline Charm (Gold-Plated), Lapis Evil Eye Charm (Gold-Plated)