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Four jewelry trends we love right now

Be on the lookout for these four jewelry trends in fall and winter 2021.

1. Celestial Jewelry

The stars and heavens have inspired humans for thousands of years. Our ancient ancestors documented the night sky, relying on it for navigation, agriculture and spiritual guidance.

We have long looked up at the sky for answers about the meaning of life. As a result, it makes sense that we would want jewelry to symbolize those sentiments. Celestial symbols have been found on artifacts belonging to the Romans and ancient Greeks, who adorned items with moon and star shapes. This is an undeniable indication that they, too, were fascinated with the sky above.

2. The new hoop

Archaeologists have unearthed hoop earrings from eras as far back as 2500-2600 B.C. These earrings were found in Sumerian tombs, and were mostly made of precious metals adorning women, men and children alike. And while we probably associate the big, tube style hoop of the early 2000s with large sunglasses and pink track suits, the roaring 20’s is about being trendy without being uniform. What we are seeing now is an upsurge in new variations on a steadfast trend: Sleek shapes, fun embellishments, and game-changing proportions put the “oo” back in Hoops.

3. Statement ChainsBeaded Chain Link Bracelet

When you check out social media you will see the chain trend turned upside down—literally. Clever connectors and clasps are incorporated into the designs, instead of something to be hidden or turned back around. The statement chain trend means that chains are not just vehicles for your pendant. They stand on their own with odd shaped links, mixed metals and dangling charms, all at varying lengths—perfect for layering.

4. Colorful gemstone beads

Traditionally cut gemstones are, and always have been, prized jewels. Wearing gems as beads offers a way to adorn yourself in something rare and beautiful, with a unique twist, and sometimes even a lower price tag. In beaded jewelry, things that we normally shun in precious gemstone jewelry, like color inconsistency and inclusions, are welcomed for added texture and depth. Beaded gems give a desirable handmade look. Keep an eye out for a resurgence in turquoise jewelry. Soulful blue and cooler hues are on the rise.

Initially reported by InStore Magazine

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